The Almighty Pandoxie. As I always assume, if one believes that he/she is invincible, that becomes the truth. Faith comes from nowhere but exists everywhere. In such a jungle as life, we gotta be brave and audacious.

This is Pandoxie’s personal website. Hopefully, May my humble efforts bring the viewers a little joy and comfort. This site focus on revealing the most fabulous technology trends, the most fascinating scientific researches and the most fantastic photo albums which may be shot by famous photographers or, by myself :-)

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Maybe, a little routine poem would soothe your agitated heart.

Every time I wanna escape, I walk.
Walk in the silence.
Walk with the wind and stars,
Think about nothing.
The breeze and the moonlight may purge 
your dusted soul and your benumbed body.
It may feel like an process of reincarnation,
Because all of a sudden, everything is back alive.
The trees and grasses
which have been alien to you 
like forever,
wave their hands at you.
Even the passengers pass by with a smile
which we never notice before.
If one wish,
please ,please do lie down and kiss the dirt.
This would be the panacea you never tasted ever … …



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